Good government isn’t just wise spending

I was asked to write a response to the ‘Purple Papers’, published by the ‘New Labour’ pressure group, Progress. The Papers aim to start a debate within the Labour party about what decisions a Labour government would take on the big challenges of the day, if the party won the next election. We try to engage with all political parties so I was happy to write a response which you can find here:

My argument is that both Left and Right take a narrow view of what government can do, based on spending decisions, and that both sides of the political divide need to take a broader view of the country’s resources and how government can help to develop them. Nowhere is this more clear than in social care, where the state’s contribution is tiny compared to the contributions of individuals themselves, families and communities.

One thought on “Good government isn’t just wise spending

  1. william wallace November 15, 2012 / 4:21 pm

    A labour govt in power will do as a USA govt
    administration tell them / such is the reality
    the prime minister as govt in power / being
    the choice of an USA govt administration…
    achieved by the 24/ 7 media brainwashing.

    In the UK the head of such brainwashing be
    the BBC whom through their fraudulant TV
    licence / the people are forced to fund them
    through threats of fines or prison should one
    refuse to pay BBC funding. How does such
    a fraud be allowed continue ?./ The govt of
    the day allow such a fraudulant TV licence
    in return a BBC give the british govt their
    worldwide platform abled to spin out daily
    their USA propaganda. Weapons of mass
    destruction in IRAQ propaganda being an
    example / which lead unto the invasion of
    IRAQ where hundreds of thousands being
    butchered /man woman child being shown
    no mercy. Such an horror followed by the
    invasion of AFGHANISTAN where a similar
    horror took takes place / man woman child
    butchered / shown no mercy / the BBC put
    a blackout on any news for years / thus in
    allowing such a horror of killing to continue.

    None in having been brought to trial for
    the horror that having been committeed
    BBC staff / / British politicians as British
    military /as american politicians / military
    all placed themselves above as beyond
    the law where able to do as they please.

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