What next for strengths-based areas?

In 2017, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) published The asset-based area, which described 10 features of an ‘asset-based area’ necessary for developing strong communities and sustainable public services. Strengths and asset-based approaches in social care focus on what individuals and communities have and how they can work together, rather than on what individuals don’t have or can’t do. This new paper, now using the language of strengths-based approaches, builds on that work. Our new paper is both an update on our thinking about strengths-based areas, and a toolkit – it enables you to ask questions about where the area you work is in relation to strengths-based ways of working.

A strengths-based approach to care, support and inclusion says let’s look first at what people can do with their skills and their resources – and what can the people around them do in their relationships and their communities. People need to be seen as more than just their care needs – they need to be experts and in charge of their own lives.

Alex Fox, Chief Executive, Mayday Trust

The paper helps you to look at where you are now, where to aim for and how to get there, with a focus on being led by people who use services, and hearing the voices of group and communities who should be able to access support but are currently excluded or poorly served.

If you would like to talk about how to apply this thinking to your area, council or Integrated Care Board, please get in touch!


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