How do national networks create system change?

Do national networks create change? I’m involved with three networks which are coming together as part of HumanLearningSystems Week to share their core change ideas:

This session will explore how alliances and movements are trying to achieve system change within public services, co-led by three prominent networks:

  • Human Learning Systems is an alternative approach to public management which embraces the complexity of the real world, and enables us to work effectively in that complexity. HLS will present on learning organisations (Gary Smith, Plymouth City Council)
  • New System Alliance is a UK wide alliance of people and organisations working to change the systems people come up against when they experience tough times will present on strengths-based working. I’ll be joined by our coach and learning lead Jhoana Serna.
  • Think Local Act Personal is a national partnership of more than 50 organisations committed to transforming health and care through personalisation and community-based support. The partnership spans central and local government, social care providers, the NHS, and the voluntary and community sector as well as people with lived experience. TLAP’s experts by experience will present on co-production

 A panel discussion will follow looking at questions such as:

  • What works and doesn’t work in pressing for radical change in public service systems?
  • Should change makers be disruptive or collaborative? Radical or incremental?
  • To what extent do/ should national partnerships like ours collaborate and compete?

The event is free online 10-11am 10th Oct. Register here


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