Does your area or organisation want to become strengths-based?

Have you ever wondered if your organisation could be more person-led and strength based in the way you work?

We are match-funding the costs of our strategic advice and consultancy offer for up to three organisations or areas! We must hear from you ahead of Sept 9th to be in the mix for this one-off opportunity.

Mayday offer strategic advice which draws on our experiences of radical organisational transformation and of developing the #PTSResponse: a strengths-based, person-led coaching alternative to traditional support work. We offer:

– System Reflect sessions for frontline & leadership teams who want to challenge themselves to think outside of current systems

Wisdoms people-led inquiries, to generate insights and ideas for action from a more diverse group of people who use – and don’t currently use – your services

– Organisational change support to look at every aspect of your strategy and operations through a strengths-based lens.

Our work ranges from working with a small grassroots soup kitchen and food bank which wants to remain person-led in its journey as it becomes an established local charity, to working with health and council partners in a London borough to introduce multi-level change to tackle inequalities through a combination of new support approaches and system redesign.

We have secured funding to enable us to offer a 50% discount to a small number of places or organisations. Contact or download our services brochure to gather more info.


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