How can social prescribing be strengths-based?

I’m grateful to Prof Becky Malby who leads the Health Systems Innovation Lab at London South Bank University for hosting a guest blog on our work to bring strengths-based person-led working into social prescribing with Bridges Outcomes Partnership. The blog draws on learning from our PTS coaches Lilly Broujerdi and Shauna Hemphill who offer coaching to people with long term conditions. They say, “A diagnosis becomes an identity. People will introduce themselves as their long-term health condition and their deficits, thinking that’s what we are there to talk about. They are used to clinical and formal environments which focuses on things they cannot do, or things that ‘other’ them such as groups for people with certain long-term health conditions”. A common comment heard by coaches is that they are first person who “actually listens to me,” and “makes me feel like a ‘normal’ person”. 

The blog is here: and you’ll also find there Becky’s fascinating thinking on reforming primary care.

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