10 Actions to become an Asset-Based Area

My first paper on the asset-based area written pre-pandemic with Think Local Act Personal’s building community capacity network, made the case for adopting an asset-based approach to care and support. This new version (opens new window) is built from the work we did with councils and innovative organisations on the Social Care Innovation Network, and interviews with councils, such as Leeds, City of York, Swindon, Kirklees and Hammersmith and Fulham, and organisations including Choice Support and Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living, that are taking practical steps to shift in the direction of an building asset-based communities. It all starts with an area’s citizens and leaders telling a different story together about what kind of place we want to be….

This report explores:

  1. What is whole-system change and why do we need it?
  2. What will we all do differently in an asset-based area?
  3. First steps
  4. Local areas putting the asset-based actions into practice

The ten actions are:

10 Asset based area actions



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