Re-imagining charities

I was excited to join the Royal Society of Arts‘ chief executive Matthew Taylor for his Bridges to the Future podcast the other day: you can listen to it here:

We talked about how COVID-19 is reshaping not-for-profit organisations, and how the bravest and most creative of those organisations could reshape our communities, drawing on ‘asset-based’ thinking, to form relationships with people who seek their support in which they ‘meet as equals’, which to my mind is the only way our sector will rebuild public trust and drive the kinds of social change we call for.

I was also interviewed for the AgeSpeaks radio show by Co-Founder of ChangeAGEnts Co-operative Collective Mervyn Eastman. We spoke about how the ways of working and of living I encountered when I met people involved in Shared Lives and Homeshare inspired the ideas for a new kind of public services in my book A New Health and Care System, Escaping the Invisible Asylum.

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