The asylum our services offer – and the asylums they can become

You can now download the introduction to my book, A new health and social care system: escaping the invisible asylum, for free from our website.  In the book I try to show how we are wasting the potential of people with long-term support needs, and the creativity and caring capacity of families and front-line workers, in traditional health and care systems. Drawing on what I’ve seen and learnt in nearly nine years working with people involved in Shared Lives and Homeshare, I argue for a new approach to supporting people with long term health conditions or support needs, with a more human ethos at its core.

Readers can enjoy a 30% discount if you would like to buy a copy from the Policy Press, by entering the code POSLHC18 when ordering.

Click here to read about the launch which featured Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England.

The question of who is helped by government has for centuries been a question of who is included and excluded from their communities. Many would see government help as a safety net which cannot capture everyone, but needs to ensure that the most sick and poor do not fall outside society. But the origins of the welfare state lie equally in decisions about who to exclude
from the communities in which we live…. continue reading

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