Shared Lives in Moray: David

In the this second guest blog courtesy of Moray Shared Lives in Scotland, the Shared Lives team writes about support for Dave:

Dave has a diagnosis of dementia. David and his wife were told about Shared Lives by their social worker. David has a great sense of humour and enjoys socialising and getting out, so it seemed an ideal choice for both David and also for some respite for his wife.

As his condition deteriorated, another carer came on board to support the family and we incorporated some more day support and also regular overnight respite. He is very car sick, so planning between both carers for hand overs was all important, but after a few weeks, all was settled and going very well.

Dave loves going along to both carers and enjoys the social aspect of going out walking and meeting people in small groups. The Shared Lives Team are now well known locally and often meet up to play pub games or beach boules together. Dave really enjoys being part of his local community and chatting to everyone he meets. He is known for his love of Cullen Skink soup and Indian food! He even has his own dog at one carers home and is responsible for it when they go out walking together.

Dave’s wife is very pleased with the flexible support and has advised that she does not know what they would have done without it. With his condition and the extreme car sickness, staying in a small seaside town is beautiful but very restrictive.

The Shared lives model of care allows the luxury of regular time spent together with a carer, and in turn special support and relationships are possible.

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