Nick’s Shared Lives journey

I really enjoyed reading this story from Shared Lives South West which has just received a very positive inspection from CQC. We think that one of the ways in which Shared Lives is different from other approaches is that it allows people who have previously been seen only as ‘in need’ and ‘vulnerable’, to contribute to a household and their community, as well as receiving the support they need.

Nick’s journey- from being cared for to being a carer!


Nicholas Richards is 26 years old and has suffered from an anxiety disorder from an early age when he developed a school phobia and, as a result, he missed all formal education after the age of 11. This was not picked up by social services as the family moved to Spain and by the time they returned he had been out of the state system for several years. At the condition’s height he was reclusive for about four years, living with his father and barely leaving the house or his bedroom.

In this time he lost or never developed a lot of simple, fundamental social skills and communication and found being around people close to impossible. He experienced paranoia and phobias about people and being outside.

In September of 2010 he was referred to a doctor by a family member and began the process of rehabilitation with a match to a Shared Lives South West carer in Dawlish. During this time he has worked incredibly hard and, with nurturing support from his carers, he has turned his life around….

Read the full story here:

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