Why am I a Shared Lives carer?

Shared Lives carer, Viv, is often asked why she is a Shared Lives carer. She asks, “Is it…

organising family life one year in advance

or the transport that doesn’t arrive on time or at all

or planning of activities for my guests

or for the pleasure we get from helping our guests carers take their first holiday abroad

or the copious amounts of washing

or enabling our guests to grow in confidence and achieve new goals

or watching our children grow up with our guests and each enjoying each other’s company

or promoting the rights of our guests, when they are struggling with issues of their own

or the cost of the extra heating bills and food

or helping our guests make scrumptious cakes (and eating them)

or the help I get with my gardening and collecting our hens eggs

or the involvement in adult protection issues

or the invitations to our guests’ family parties – and the occasional funeral

or helping some of our guests prepare for moving into supported living

or teaching some guests to knit

or painting the garden shed together

or meeting up with my family and friends with my guests

or calling 999 for an ambulance and accompanying my guest to A & E

or chatting about old times with our elderly guests and sitting quietly with pets on our laps

or laughing together

or pushing wheelchairs along wonky paths with dogs’ leads attached to the wheelchair

or assisting with medications, personal care or feeding

or having the annual flu jab (needle phobic!)

Actually, I would say the answer to the question ‘Why am I a Shared Lives carer’ is…………

all of the above!”

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