Shared Lives in Derbyshire

Nathan , 37, who works in Derby City Council’s employment team to support people with learning disabilities and James  33, a bank worker, are part of the council’s Shared Lives scheme. The couple, who married in 2006, support Debs and Dave, who live with them as well as another lady who comes to their house for short breaks.  James, says, “We were conscious for quite some time that, although we were having lovely lives doing what we wanted when we wanted, we were not giving anything back.”

James said: “Debs and Dave both say they want to live on their own eventually and, to do that, you need to be able to cook and clean for yourself and budget your money. That is why, from Monday to Friday, we have things they do like ironing, to get into that routine.” When asked about the rewards of being a Shared Lives carer, Nathan says, “It is the simple things like seeing them get the bus without needing anyone to help them. It is seeing their confidence grow.”

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