One thought on “Is ending loneliness a preventative service?

  1. Jacqui Martin December 6, 2011 / 10:11 am

    Alex you mention loneliness and prevention. We must remember many people are really lonely when caring for someone at home, those who have had a stroke and can no longer speak, those who through other illnesses or disability have changed character, who do not communicate or are really difficult to care for.

    The only people that they see are flying in and out of the house to undertake “care” tasks of one sort or another, if they are are fortunate enough to have help.

    We have a Family Carers who volunteers in our Cafe – she does this because it is the only time she talks to anyone as her husband cannot speak. Also the young carers who find school difficult and are unable to be involved in after school activities, or those young adult carers who can never ask people home.

    So just a reflection. So loneliness takes all forms. You can surrounded by people but lonely.


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