Inquiry into independent living

Parliament’s Joint Committee of Human Rights, chaired by Dr Hywel Francis MP, is holding an inquiry into the implementation of the right to independent living for disabled people, which is supposed to be guaranteed by Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. We need to respond by Friday 29th April and we’d love to hear your views.

The government says, “independent living is about disabled people having the same level of choice, control and  freedom in their daily lives as any other person.” There is an easy read version of the inquiry and you can find the UN Convention which our government has signed up to at

The inquiry would like to hear from disabled people, families and organisations about what is working and what needs to change to ensure that people can live independently. How have cuts to services and benefits affected your independence? What about changes in social care such as the introduction of personal budgets? This inquiry affects all of the home nations in the UK.

If you want to contribute to our response, please email us or leave a comment. If you want to respond directly, go to or email

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