Shared Lives back in the news

Hopefully people saw the fantastic article on Shared Lives in Wednesday’s Guardian Society.  We also have something on Shared Lives as dementia support in this week’s community care: Thanks to Time to Share, Ategi and SWAPS for all their work on these. Look out for an article on Shared Lives in the Sunday Telegraph – possibly this Sunday or next.

The Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley, in his keynote address to the National Children and Adult’s Services conference today, used Shared Lives as an example of social care being able to rise to any challenge. He referred to this, now rather famous, lady and her geese:

Finally, I have an opportunity to contribute to a Department of Health report which wants to highlight innovative, peer-supported approaches to sheltered and supported housing. Does anyone know of a service which involves people supporting each other (rather than being supported by a warden) within sheltered housing, or a similar situation? Or is anyone using Shared Lives approaches in tandem with sheltered housing?

One thought on “Shared Lives back in the news

  1. Tim Southern November 8, 2010 / 8:35 am

    Good stuff Alex and everyone who is committed to letting more and more people know about the real benefits of Shared Lives.
    Have you had any good feedback yet?

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