Making cuts or Putting People First?

With everyone braced for cuts in support services and a fair few scratching their heads about the idea of “the Big Society”, we thought it might be a good time to release our new report, Cuts or Putting People First? The report shows you that even when budgets are being cut, disabled people, families and front line workers are achieveing some pretty extraordinary things.

The report was welcomed by ADASS President, Richard Jones, who is the keynote speaker at the NAAPS national conference in November, said, “I welcome the challenge laid down by this report. It shows that highly personalised services such as Shared Lives, not always offered as a choice to older and disabled people, can make a real difference for individuals with needs which other services may not be able to meet affordably. This can mean savings for councils but more importantly can achieve better outcomes for older and disabled people and enable them to live their life the way they want. It is our responsibility as social care leaders to ensure that people not only have control over social care budgets but also a wide menu of services from which to choose which enable real choices to be made.”

The report is at

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